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Atlanta Mission … Ending Homelessness

December 15, 2014 by ken in Atlanta Mission, Charities, Charity Pages, News

Atlanta Mission programs are designed to create opportunities to develop life on life relationships that lead to transformation.

Established in 1938, the ministry provides emergency shelter, residential discipleship, job attainment, and transitional housing to more than 950 homeless men, women and children daily.

People take various roads to homelessness – job loss, family tragedy, addiction, domestic violence, major health concern — the common denominator is a major crack in their life foundation. Our programs are built around Christ as the redemptive agent on whom individuals build a firm foundation and new life choices. Homelessness is caused by life, life is complex. Therefore our programs are multi-pronged and multi-layered, designed to meet men, women and children where life has lead them and shine the light of Christ down a new road.

UB4Me Apparel has two designs that benefit the Atlanta Mission.  Each one of our two Thankful shirts feeds two people at the Mission each time we make a sale.

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